Which morons programmed this fall’s TV schedule?

I mean, everything’s on on Monday.  Or on Tuesday at 9.

Why is it illegal to raise and train an army of war pandas in the heart of New York City?
Those bastards.

They nerfed Leeroy Jenkins.

Why does Telus have phone coverage all the way up in Old Crow but doesn’t cover Whitehorse or Dawson?

It just doesn’t make any sense.  Cell reception all the way at almost the furthest edge of the Canadian Western North in a town of 250 people, but not the capital and most populous cities in the territory.

I think the seasons should be renamed.

Autumn/Fall can be Pumpkin.  Winter can be Peppermint.

Did you know that it is possible to run around playing Oblivion for almost 90 hours and still not have touched the main quest?

I’ve still got the Amulet of Kings and still have no intent on giving it to monk guy.

I want Milo Manara to illustrate my autobiography.